PoE – Power over Ethernet - Module Characteristics:

8-Wire Connection

GAJ Technology's PoE strengthened modules, allow a maximum current of 200mA per wire and a voltage of 50V into each pair of simulated wire.

With GAJ Technology's regular modules, the current is limited to 45mA per wire and the voltage to 50V into each independent pair of simulated wire.

All of our simulators both PoE strengthened with higher wattage components and our regular modules can be used in a PoE test circuit. It is recommended that the PoE injection point is after the module in the test circuit to avoid damage.

The DC resistance of each pair of wire in our CAT5/5e - 100m simulator is about 6.05 ohms (Parallel Resistance) or about 24.2 Ohms for each wire. (Series resistance)

The DC resistance of each pair of wire in our CAT6 - 100m simulator is about 9.1 ohms (Parallel Resistance) or about 36.4 Ohms for each wire. (Series resistance)

DC resistance should be considered when using with higher powered PoE devices.

Note: The 50volt limitation is between the two wires in a pair. Since the current is normally carried over two pairs, there is no limit on voltage between two pairs.
The sustainable current is 200mA per wire (400mA per pair).

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GAJ Technology's wireline and cable simulators, emulate the electrical characteristics of CAT(x) or (x)DSL wires, of various lengths, including insertion loss, return loss and impedance.